People make places and places make people

People make places

We believe that people make places and places make people. From strategy through to operations, we partner with customers to deliver places that work, think and give. They choose us because we create, manage and maintain environments that make life easier, more productive and enjoyable.

Our people care about the people they support, always adding a human touch to create places that deliver and delight. Every ISS person in every customer facility is one of us –trained, equipped, motivated and working to high standards.

Working with customers day by day, side by side, we come to understand every aspect of the user experience. We deploy data, insights and knowledge to develop innovative strategies and intelligent solutions to meet the intricate realities of service delivery. This helps us manage risk, reduce cost and ensure consistency. 

As a global company with a heritage of fairness, equality and inclusion, we empower all of our people to deal with problems and opportunities when they arise. We see it as our job to help our customers achieve their purpose. Whether it’s hospitals healing patients, businesses boosting productivity, airports transferring passengers or manufacturing sites producing goods, we’re there to help.

People make places and places make people. We know that when we get things right, it enhances lives and makes the world work better – and that is what drives us.


ISS’s Legacy – our history, our people

ISS as we know it today was formed in 1934, but the origins of the company date back to 1901.While ISS started out as a company that offered watchmen to local businesses, all throughout its expansion and development, ISS has held onto the same values. Connecting people and places has always been at the core of our business – to make the world work better.

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